Investment goal

Promote social inclusion and fight against poverty

Social and health inclusion

Social and health inclusion


Actions for investment in health and social infrastructure which contribute to national, regional and local development and to the reduction of health inequalities, the promotion of social inclusion through improved access to social, cultural and recreational services and the transition from institutional to local services. They should be part of the public health system, but may be managed by public-private partnerships.

  • Actions in Primary Care centers, especially in Areas with Social Transformations needs (limited urban spaces, with population in situation of serious poverty and social marginalisation), in terms of infrastructure, equipment and social services

  • High Resolution Hospitals

  • Technological Investments (in the Public Health System)

  • Accesibility to regional and local social and heatlh infrastructure, in order to reduce inequalities and promote inclusion

Urban and Rural Regenation

Urban and Rural Regenation


Actions to support physical, economic and social regeneration in communities in disadvantaged urban and rural areas

  • Reduction of poor housing.

  • Improvement of the characteristics of public spaces in marginal areas.

  • Improvement of living conditions in the most degraded urban areas, from the point of view of housing and public space.

  • Improvement of social inclusion through actions in terms of housing.


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