Investment goal

Environmental improvement and heritage preservation

Investment in waste management

Investment in waste management


Construction of management infrastructures (clean points, treatment plants, etc.)

  • Management of urban waste through minimization, valorization, recycling y reutilization, as well as degraded areas regeneration.

  • Separate collection of waste fractions, including biodegradable organic.

  • Dump management control (in operation, closure, post-closure), as well as reduction of deposited plastic.

  • Use of fractions (material or energetic valorization). Promoting recycled products market. Improvement the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing facilities for the treatment of non-hazardous wastes, and associated environmental impact minimization.

  • Utilization of recovery and compost plant refusals before depositing it in the dump.

  • Decrease the contribution to the climatic change and the greenhouse gases.

Investment in water management

Investment in water management


Improvement and upgrading of water infrastructures including suppling, sanitation and purification.

  • Uncontrolled extractions reduction.

  • Inefficient extraction systems elimination.

  • Water sanitation and purification improvement.

  • Increasing of supply warranties and increasing of quality safe water supply.

  • Remove current dependencies on seasonal irregular rainfalls and seasonal population fluctuations.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage


Actions for the protection, development and promotion of cultural heritage

  • Enhancement and governance of the local tourist destinations, valorization of the territory and use of endogenous resources.

  • Actions to preserve, reactivate and refurbish buildings and/or public spaces of architectural and cultural interest

  • Actions on cultural heritage to improve urban environments and revitalize cities

  • Improving accessibility to cultural resources

  • Recovery and enhancement of cultural heritage.

  • Development/improvement of tourism infrastructures in places of tourist/cultural attraction.

Urban Environment

Urban Environment


Actions to improve the urban environment and revitalise cities

  • Improvement of the urban environmnet, rehabilitation of old areas of the surroundings and projects related to the Port-City integration.

  • Infrastructures with significant impact on urban socio-economic development (industrial parks, Tourist Infrastructure, new land development or empty spaces for commercial, business, educational and cultural purposes.

  • Investments for the exploitation of public properties in the previous context, using public-private partnership formulas.

  • Increase of supply guarantees and quality of drinking water.

  • Projects which do not expressly fit into other actions, and which meet the goals of this one.


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